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LAMAZE Freddie The Firefly - Clip on Pram & Pushchair Newborn Baby Toy, Sensory Toy for Babies Boys & Girls From 0 - 6 Months
  • CUDDLY SOFT TOY - Freddie features a soft velour body that's ideal for cuddling and encourages tactile stimulation. With lots to see, hear and touch your baby will never get bored!
  • SENSORY TOY - This baby toy comes with high contrast black and white patterns, a discovery mirror, crinkle wings, click-clack rings and a squeaker to keep your baby entertained while stimulating their senses
  • TEETHING TOY - This newborn toy comes with a pull out teether to help soothe your baby in moments of discomfort, allowing them to chew and bite while playing and learning
  • CAR SEAT, COT, PUSHCHAIR, STROLLER & PRAM TOY - This highly versatile plush toy comes with a ring that can be attached to any type of pram or cot, as well as to your baby's activity centre
  • MADE BY LAMAZE - All our baby toys are created through dedicated research with the help of development experts specialising in sensory play to encourage those moments of wonder and create that spark of development

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phil&teds Cocoon Baby Carrycot, Chilli
  • Swaddle, carry, roam: in & out of the buggy
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Soft, long handles for 'sway relax' and easy carry
  • Secures snuggly into the lie-flat seat of your phil&teds stroller
  • Snug & warm - perfect for winter babies

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