Pentax K1000 Really the very best Student Camera?

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Pentax K1000 overview

The Pentax K1000 remains available since 1976 and ongoing to acquire being created until 1997. An believed three million (plus) units were offered. Production moved from Japan to Hong Kong in 1978, then to China in 1990. To keep work costs low, china cameras were produced using numerous cheaper components. Chinese K1000s might be recognised by permitting with no “Asahi” name and emblem inside the pentaprism cover. The non-Asahi cameras would be the most helpful avoided.

What you’ll receive acquiring a K1000 is a completely manual camera acquiring a micro-prism place focusing aid. Exposure control is made the decision getting battery power-powered integral light meter which utilizes apparent aperture, center-the-needle system. Shutter speeds change from 1-to-1Or1000th seconds, along with Bulb plus a flash X-sync at 1/60th second.

The K1000 accepts all manual focus lenses when using the Pentax K bayonet mount (introduced in 1975), and K-A mount (introduced in 1983), and essential any subsequent K lenses getting another aperture ring. Furthermore, there’s in addition a many individually manufactured Pentax-compatible lenses available.

This can be frequently frequently frequently frequently everybody other manufacturers’ manual 35mm SLR cameras with equivalent specifications, which may be available, generally less pricey. Basically, these cameras are wholly manual, with open aperture metering, plus a shutter speed change from 1-to-1Or000th seconds. Generally, the selection cameras have abilities, plus a greater specs. An inventory is not exhaustive.

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The FTb has almost identical features but furthermore for partial metering (a location similar to 12% inside the center inside the viewfinder). Furthermore is features a self-timer, and mirror lock-up. The FTb-N camera added a viewfinder shutter speed indicator. The lens mount is Canon’s FD bayonet fitting.


The ST705 and ST705w exceeded the specifications inside the K1000, and make the most of a faster, more sensitive silicone photo-cell metering system, a much better viewfinder obtaining a slit-image rangefinder, a larger speed of just oneOr1500th sec, self-timer and depth-of-field preview. It is also smaller sized sized sized sized sized sized sized sized sized sized sized sized sized sized and lighter.

The ST801 resembles the ST705/w but furthermore features a top speed of just oneOr2000th sec, and viewfinder match Introduced type light metering information, rather within the needle pointer.

The lens mount is Fujica’s variant inside the M42 screw fitting, and requires auto-Fujinon lenses for open aperture metering.


The SR-T101 (that’s SR successors) is similarly specified for the K1000, and could give you the extra benefit of matrix metering, that’s briefly a technique using two separate metering cells, situated at parts inside the pentaprism, and which measures the sun’s sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun rays falling on parts inside the viewfinder screen to provide a studying that views the contrast inside the scene. Furthermore, it offers a viewfinder displayed shutter speed, mirror lock-up, depth of field preview, and self-timer. The Lens mount is a Minolta “MC” (meter coupled) bayonet.


The KM is the same as K1000 people, aside from it the most effective-selling extra popular features of a self-timer and depth-of-field preview.

The Spotmatic F was the predecessor for the KM, that has similarities people except the lens mount is clearly an M42 screw fitting, requiring SMC Takumar lenses or other manufacturers’ equivalents.


Praktica produced a bewildering volume of cameras with slightly different specifications, however believe the closest counterpart for the K1000 was the LLC. Lenses utilize the M42 screw mount.


The Foreign exchange-2, Foreign exchange-3/Foreign exchange-7, and Foreign exchange-3/Foreign exchange-7 super all fit the K1000 profile, when using the later models employing Introduced viewfinder displays rather inside the match-needle. Like Fujicas, metering is actually obtaining a faster plus much more sensitive silicone photo-cell. These cameras have a very status for reliability. Their durable metal chassis with plastic outer covering ensures they are lighter and smaller sized sized sized sized sized sized sized sized sized sized sized sized sized sized when compared with K1000. The lens mount is a Contax/Yashica bayonet.

Other Yashica alternatives will be the Contax cloned FR and Foreign exchange-1, utilizing their digitally controlled shutters, and viewfinder aperture and shutter speed displays however, these models aren’t common.


The critical advantage of the K1000 lays less inside the camera body, nonetheless its lens mount system and consequent easy lens availability. That is not to condition the priceOrease of access as well as other lens systems is problematic they may just sometimes want more effort to discover.

Outdoors aperture metering employed by the K1000 is not an important feature: it’s just a enjoyable to utilize. Stop-lower metering cameras (I..e. the lens aperture should be closed while a simple studying is produced) are equally appropriate for school kids, or any other users. Indeed, a lot of the alternative cameras inside the list above may also be in a position to stop-lower metering.

When stop-lower metering camera physiques may also be considered to supplement options obtaining a K1000, all the appropriate candidates becomes a great deal bigger. Additionally to a new, many stop-lower metering cameras date through getting a young time if you work with common M42 screw mount lens fitting was prevalent.

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