Bestseller No. 1
Controller Adapter USB for Nintendo Switch PS3 PC, Dongle Bluetooth Compatible with PS3/ PS4 /Xbox 360/ Xbox One X/ Xbox One S/ Wii U Pro/ Windows PC/ Switch Pro Controller Converter Adaptor
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most of your wired and wireless controller to your Nintendo Switch, PS3 or PC system. Note: This adapter is not compatible with XBOX ONE, but XBOX ONE S and XBOX ONE X. You can play multiple games with your favorite game controller. (CONTROLLER MUST BE ORIGINAL PRODUCT NOT THE THIRD-PARTY'S PRODUCT).
  • Plug and play: Button on the side of the adapter for switching mode PS3-PC-NS, the LED indicator can let you know the working mode. Please shift to corresponding mode when you use the corresponding equipment. Note: each controller adapter can only handle one game controller at a time.
  • Simple to use: model switcher, a SYNC button and a LED indicator. The LED indicator can let you know the working status easily. Small size and light weight with perfect compatibility, and easy to carry and storage.
  • Used on Nintendo Switch: Wired PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox One controllers and Bluetooth PS3/PS4/Xbox One X/Xbox One S/Wii U Pro controllers are supported on Nintendo Switch. Before connecting the adapter to Switch, please make sure you have turned on the "Pro Controller wired Communication" of Nintendo Switch Console.
  • Used on Windows PC: Wired PS3/PS4/Xbox 360 /Xbox One controllers and Bluetooth PS3/PS4/Xbox One X/Xbox One S/Wii U Pro/Joy-Con/Switch Pro controllers are supported on Windows PC. If you want to play games on Steam, please make sure the controller what you have is supported by Steam and also enable them in Steam's controller setting.

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Ps3 Wireless Headset Ebay Bestsellers - Compare the top Ps3 Wireless Headset Ebay in the Market on April 2021!

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Ps3 Wireless Headset Ebay Bestsellers - Compare the top Ps3 Wireless Headset Ebay in the UK Market!

SaleBestseller No. 1
Sony PlayStation Move Controller - Bulk packed (PS3/PS4/PSVR)
  • Compatible with PS3, PS4 and PlayStation VR
  • Bulk packed - no retail packaging
  • Charging cable not included
  • German (Subtitle)
  • Audience Rating: Suitable for 12 years and over
Bestseller No. 2
OneCut® 22AWG Fast Charging Micro USB Charger Data Cable for Sony PlayStation 4/ PS4/ PS4 Slim/ PS4 Pro/Xbox One/One S/One X Controllers (1m / 3ft)
  • Fully certified for use with all PS4 DualShock 4 / Xbox One controllers.
  • [EXTREME DURABILITY]: With a tested 5000+ bend lifespan, this cable is far more dependable than others in its price range. The nylon braiding adds additional durability and a visually appleaing look.
  • [BEST-IN-CLASS CABLE DESIGN]: The cable has a durable nylon braided design with premium metallic housing which makes it easily survive everyday usage and gives it a more stylish and elegant appearance that goes great with your expensive gadgets. The adherence to micro usb specifications ensures 2.4A~3.0A safe charging (Pullup resistor - 56kΩ) and safety of your gadgets.
  • [ANTI-DIRTY]:Dark fiber for a cleaner look: With its dark gray nylon fabric, the cable stays clean and won't pick up dirt as easily as other light-colored cables.
  • Compatible With All device with Micro 5pin connector, like Amazon Kindle, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, PS4 Controller......
Bestseller No. 3
Upgraded ieGeek PSVR Charging Stand Display, PlayStation PS VR Storage Headset Holder, 2 PS Move + 1 PS4 Controller Charger Docking Station, PS4 Pro / Slim / PS4 [All in 1] Vertical Stand Cooling Fan
  • 3 in 1 Stand - Keep your PS4 / Slim / Pro console cool and calm with the vertical cooling stand, securely store your PS VR processor unit next to the PS4 console (Upgraded Slot for both PSVR "CUH-ZVR1" & PSVR "CUH-ZVR2")
  • Excellent Cooling Effect - Features 2 built-in cooler fans at the bottom to disperse the heat from your console, improve operational life. With "L" and "H" two wind speed switch gears to control the windspeed
  • Save Space & Time - allows you to securely store and charge up a DualShock 4 Controller and 2 PS Move Motion Controller simultaneously, with PS VR Stand Tray on the top to keep balance and safely secure the PS4 VR Glasses
  • More Stable Design - PlayStation 4 accessories made of high-grade PC, tough and durable, with Anti-skid pad to protect the console from scratching and sliding
  • Application: Use the host USB interface to supply power, easy installation, convenient to use

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